Ciel (pronounced “ci-el”) is a French word for Heaven & Sky. Coincidentally, it is also our founder’s initials: CL

After creating my very own wedding dress by hand, I wanted to share the idea of custom made dresses to many other brides-to-be’s out there. However, in order for me to do so, I knew I would need a skilled team that is as passionate as I am about wedding dresses.

Months after months of late nights, research, and reaching out to different artisans, we were able to team up with a few who are up to our high standards of craftsmanship and shared a similar keen eye for details. It was definitely a trial and error process and needless to say, there were for sure many hiccups we encountered and learned from. Flash forward 1.5 years later, we are pleased to say that Ciel Bridal Studio is available for all you brides out there who are looking for that special dress. Together with our team, we are able to design, fabricate, and have custom dresses delivered to brides within 3-4 months compared to the 9-10 month time frame that traditional boutiques offer.

Our goal is to help brides who dream of wearing a dress that reflects her own personality and style, but are having a difficult time finding that one special gown. Simply send us photo inspirations of a style of dress you want, or contact us to discuss what you have in mind. We will try our best to implement what your dream dress entails (Note: we will not make any dresses that are exact to an original). We look forward to meeting you all, and we are extremely excited to take on the honor of creating your very own wedding dress.

-Ciel Bridal Studio

When it comes to designing a dress with us, the sky is the limit.